Icon/Church Commissions

 Archangel Icons can provide for projects large or small, whether it is a  small icon panel for personal use or full wall murals for a church. Since  each project is custom created, pricing will vary. If you would like to  inquire about the cost of a desired icon or church project please e-mail  me at


with as much detail as possible. If after our initial contact you wish to  proceed, a phone conversation will probably be in order to insure the  details of your request are correct and  an accurate estimate of price  and time can be given.

For church projects it is often necessary for more  than a phone conversation, most often a visit to the church itself is  needed, especially for murals. For the past 32 years I have striven to  provide quality work on a timely basis. I hope we  can work together to create a source of spiritual rest and challenge for you or for your  congregation.

Following is a general price list for panel icons. This list is for general  reference only as prices can change depending on the request. 


General Price List- Panel Icons


 Size       Simple (single/double saint)           Complex (feast day, multiple saints)

6 x 9                                           $200.                                                        $350.

9 x 12                                        $400.                                                        $600.

12 x 16                                     $500.                                                         $800.

16 x 20                                     $600.                                                      $1,000.

18 x 24                                  $1,000.                                                     $1,300.

24 x 36                                  $1,200.                                                     $1,600.

36 x 48                                  $1,500.                                                     $2,000.